Season 2, Episode 5:

Henry Harrison Dallas TX: In this episode of Entrepreneurs, Business & Finance Podcast, Henry has an insightful conversation with Mercator AI CEO, Chloe Smith.

In this episode of the Entrepreneurs Business and Finance Podcast, Henry Harrison from Dallas, TX sits down with Chloe Smith, the dynamic CEO of Mercator AI. Join them as they explore the innovative world of market intelligence for the construction industry.

Mercator AI, founded in 2020, is revolutionizing how front-office teams make decisions in construction. Their mission? To provide timely insights that drive better decisions faster.

With a focus on addressing the challenge of delayed project discovery, Mercator AI’s cutting-edge solution mines and analyzes industry activities to uncover actionable opportunities.

From identifying emerging projects to understanding competitive landscapes, Mercator AI empowers businesses with real-time data for strategic business development.

Tune in to discover how Mercator AI collaborates with major general contractors to enhance operational efficiency and transform the construction landscape. Don’t miss this insightful conversation packed with valuable insights!

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