A Conversation with Don Williams

Insights from a Global Business Leader

Join us as Henry Harrison sits down with Don Williams to discuss his journey, the challenges he has faced, and the wisdom he has gained along the way.


Don Williams Episode

In this episode of the Entrepreneurs, Business & Finance podcast, Henry Harrison welcomes a long-time friend and accomplished entrepreneur, Don Williams. Don is a keynote speaker, published author, repeat entrepreneur, and the founder of Don Williams Global, a performance-based sales consulting firm. He also hosts “The Proven Entrepreneur Podcast.”


Show Notes

Episode Highlights:

  1. The Origin Story:
  • Henry and Don reflect on their nearly decade-long friendship, initially formed through the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).
  • Don shares his early entrepreneurial journey, humorously claiming he started his first business at the age of seven.
  • The discussion touches on Don’s extensive experience in sales consulting and his knack for helping businesses increase their revenue.
  1. The Consulting Approach:
  • Don explains his unique consulting style, emphasizing the importance of human relationships in business.
  • He describes his approach as helping businesses “ring the cash register,” regardless of the products or services they offer.
  • Don’s superpower is his mastery of words, using speaking, writing, and podcasting to drive his consulting success.
  1. Entrepreneurial Insights:
  • Don discusses his childhood influences, including his family’s background in engineering and farming, and how these shaped his work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • He reveals that his aversion to authority led him to entrepreneurship, debunking the myth that profit motive is the primary driver for all entrepreneurs.
  1. Sales and Consulting Strategies:
  • Don shares his strategies for effective sales, focusing on understanding and addressing clients’ needs.
  • He recounts a personal story of becoming a competitor to a former partner who did not honor their agreement, highlighting the importance of self-reliance and adaptability in business.
  1. Personal Mission and Core Values:
  • Don talks about his mission to help others, particularly those who are helping others, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.
  • He outlines his core values using the acronym “YOU & ME,” emphasizing the importance of putting others first, outstanding effort, understanding, mission orientation, and enthusiasm.
  1. Success Stories:
  • Don shares success stories from his consulting career, including helping a solopreneur increase their daily rates and achieve significant business growth.
  • He also describes how he doubled the sales of a division within a large company by refining their sales process and eliminating barriers to sales.
  1. Final Thoughts:
  • Don stresses the importance of gratitude and perspective, reminding listeners that many global populations face far greater challenges than minor inconveniences like travel delays.
  • He encourages entrepreneurs to build companies, not just jobs, and to always aim for creating extraordinary value for their customers.

Henry wraps up the episode by thanking Don for his valuable insights and infectious enthusiasm. Don provides his contact information, inviting listeners to reach out to him via his website or personal email for further engagement.

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