In-Depth Interview with Josh Levy

Explore the journey and insights of Josh Levy, Co-founder and CEO of Document Crunch, as he discusses his career, the construction industry, and innovative business strategies.

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Josh Levy

Josh Levy is the Co-founder and CEO of Document Crunch, a leading platform in the construction industry. With a background in construction management from the University of Florida and a law degree, Josh has built a career that bridges the gap between legal expertise and industry innovation. His passion for improving business outcomes through clear and effective agreements has made him a respected figure in the field. Under his leadership, Document Crunch has grown into a community-focused platform that aims to streamline construction documentation and foster better business practices.

“Innovation is the key to progress in any industry.”

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A Conversation with Josh Levy

In this episode, Henry Harrison sits down with Josh Levy to delve into his unique career path, starting from his early days at the University of Florida to becoming a prominent figure in the construction industry. Josh shares his experiences and the pivotal moments that led him to co-found Document Crunch. He discusses the importance of innovation in the industry, the challenges of balancing legal and business aspects, and his vision for the future of construction documentation.

Josh Levy: I was initially confused about my career path during my college years. I chose construction management at the University of Florida, which promised excellent job placement. My exposure to the industry through my father and my interest in the business side of construction led me to law school. Over the years, I realized my passion for creating better business outcomes through well-drafted agreements. This journey eventually led to the founding of Document Crunch, where we aim to simplify and improve construction documentation.

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“The biggest difference we’ve seen since using Document Crunch is a new confidence throughout our team when it comes to contracts” said Chuck Hall, Project Executive at Grycon, “thanks to Document Crunch, the team is now empowered with information that is right at their fingertips.”

“The speed and accuracy of Document Crunch is truly remarkable” said Jennifer Smith, General Counsel at C&S Companies, “Document Crunch has drastically reduced the time I spend reviewing contracts each week and has helped our team better manage projects.”

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