Don Short: From Corporate Leader to Craft Distiller

Discover Don Short's Inspiring Journey

Explore the remarkable transition of Don Short from a high-ranking Coca-Cola executive to a passionate entrepreneur in the craft spirits industry.

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Don Short

Don Short’s career is a testament to adaptability and passion. After a successful tenure at Coca-Cola, where he held senior roles in Japan, India, and Africa, Don retired and pursued his dream of creating unique craft spirits. As the founder and co-owner of New Artisan Distillery, he collaborates with renowned chef Robert Del Grande to produce exceptional gin and bourbon. Don’s journey is marked by his dedication to quality and innovation in the spirits industry.

Key Topics Discussed

Insights from Don Short's Journey

In this episode, we delve into several key topics:

  • Don’s illustrious career at Coca-Cola, including his rise to Vice President and international assignments.
  • The strategic and personal motivations behind his transition to entrepreneurship.
  • The unique challenges and rewards of building New Artisan Distillery.
  • Don’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the value of international experience and resilience.

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Podcast Episode

From Coca-Cola Executive to Craft Distiller: The Journey of Don Short

Join us for an in-depth podcast episode where Don Short shares his incredible journey from a Coca-Cola executive to a successful craft distiller. Tune in for insights on entrepreneurship, global business, and the craft spirits industry.

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