Private Jeweler Carter Malouf

Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Carter Malouf, a renowned private jeweler in Dallas, Texas.

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Podcast Episode

In Conversation with Carter Malouf

In this episode, host Henry Harrison sits down with Carter Malouf to discuss his unique path in the jewelry industry, his business philosophy, and the importance of customer relationships.

Carter Malouf

Carter Malouf’s passion for jewelry began as a teenager, inspired by his mother’s designs and a captivating store in Santa Fe. Over the years, he transitioned from running his own store to becoming a private jeweler in Dallas, specializing in fine and antique jewelry. Known for his meticulous appraisals and exceptional customer service, Carter has built a reputation through word-of-mouth referrals and a deep commitment to his craft.

Episode Highlights

In this episode, Carter Malouf shares his journey from a young enthusiast to a renowned private jeweler. Key discussion points include his early fascination with jewelry, the influence of his mother, his career trajectory, the unique aspects of operating as a private jeweler, his expertise in appraisals, and his reflections on overcoming business challenges. The episode concludes with Carter’s thoughts on the importance of humility and confidence in business.

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