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Interview with SubBase CEO Eric Helitzer

Discover how SubBase is revolutionizing the construction industry with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

AI-Driven Solutions

Learn about the AI technology that is transforming invoice management and streamlining operations.

Efficiency Boost

Understand how SubBase helps companies achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Future of Construction

Explore Eric Helitzer’s vision for the future of the construction industry and the role of technology.


In this exclusive interview, Henry Harrison sits down with Eric Helitzer, CEO of SubBase, to discuss the transformative impact of technology on the construction industry. They delve into the challenges faced by the industry and how SubBase’s innovative solutions are addressing these issues.

Key Discussion Points

Eric shares insights on the importance of efficiency, the role of AI in automating tasks, and the significant return on investment that companies can achieve by adopting advanced software solutions.

Significance of the Conversation

This conversation highlights the critical need for modernization in the construction industry and provides valuable perspectives on how technology can drive exponential improvements in business operations.

eric helitzer

Eric Helitzer

Exclusive Interview: Henry Harrison Meets SubBase CEO, Eric Helitzer

Watch the insightful interview where Henry Harrison sits down with Eric Helitzer, CEO of SubBase, to discuss revolutionary advancements in construction technology and the future of the industry.

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